• Drums and hardware:
    All Yamaha PHX Series
    From left to right: 14’ Brass Piccolo Snare Drum
    14’x7 or 5 1/2 Maple Custom Absolute Snare Drum
    12x8 or 12x10 Mounted Tom
    20’x16' or 18’x14’ Bass Drum
    14x13 Floor Tom
    16x15 Floor Tom

  • Cymbals: Zildjian
    From left to right:
    14’ Constantinople or A vintage Hi Hats
    16’ K EFX Crash
    22’ Constantinople medium thin low ride
    16’ K EFX Crash
    6’ A Custom splashes (inverted and stacked)
    22’ K Left Side Ride or 21’ Vintage K
    22’ A Custom Flat Ride
    18’ Prototype Crash
    12’ Hybrid Splash stacked on a 14’ Trashformer
    22’ Swish with 10 rivets.

  • Drumheads: REMO
    Coated Ambassadors or FiberSkyns

    Sticks: Zildjian Antonio Sanchez Signature Model

    Percussion: Latin Percussion Cowbells, Woodlbocks and Tambourines